About Fusion Homes & Gerald Letkeman

Fusion Homes

Fusion Homes is an innovative West Coast building and development company, committed to crafting thoughtfully designed homes in the best neighbourhoods.

Since the company’s inception in the mid-80’s, Fusion Homes has become a trusted name within the building community and among clientele. Specializing in luxury detached homes and town-homes, Fusion Homes also offers custom design/build options for those who have a specific vision in mind.  Our goal with each project is collaboration; when you talk, we listen. This personal approach allows us to effectively translate who you are, into where you live, so you are left with peace of mind and the time to enjoy life’s most precious moments.

A Home is a Place Where Life is Lived

Envision a place that makes you feel good the moment you arrive.  We believe that when your home properly reflects your lifestyle, it becomes more than just a dwelling space; it becomes an expression and an extension of the people who inhabit it. Fusion Homes can take your vision and make it your reality. Our expertise, coupled with our dedication to address even the smallest detail, is what makes all the difference.

Gerald Letkeman

A true Renaissance builder in a modern world of building, Gerald is a skilled artisan whose craft is rooted in decades of experience. With his keen eye for detail, Gerald holds an inherent ability to create classic and timeless homes that boast both form and function. Through the use of innovative and time-honoured methods, Gerald has brought proven solutions to traditional, modern and complex custom-built new construction. His wisdom and insight make him a trusted and experienced leader.

In partnership with his wife Margaret, Gerald’s designs receive the aesthetic attention required to create balance in each project.  Margaret’s extensive Art and Design background allows her to stay ahead of trends while still providing each project with its timeless look.

When Gerald and Margaret are not building and creating homes, they spend their time with their two awesome sons, whom they hope will some day learn the craft of building. Together, the family enjoys the ever-desired West Coast lifestyle. Gerald is an avid skier, cyclist and adventure seeker, who enjoys a good book.

Character Built on Tradition

Fusion Homes traces its roots to the late 1950’s when Gerald’s father began building homes in Abbotsford, BC.  From those early and humble beginnings, his father built a successful development company which created over 1000 new homes, expanding from the Fraser Valley to Vancouver, all the way up the Sea to Sky Corridor to Squamish, and into the Okanagan interior.

It was from spending time on job sites and discussions at the dinner table while growing up, that Gerald began learning and developing his craft.

When he struck out on his own in the late 1980’s, Gerald worked his way to building high end new homes in Vancouver’s upscale West Side neighbourhoods. In the early 2000’s he began to shift his talents to meet bigger challenges in Vancouver’s changing demographics. It was here that Gerald found a niche creating and selling distinctive town-homes in Vancouver’s oldest and newly flourishing neighbourhood: Mount Pleasant.

Gerald’s creativity and his attention to detail has left a lasting legacy of beautiful and distinctive homes in Vancouver’s most prestigious neighbourhoods.